Skin Peels
A chemical peel is a derma-cosmetic procedure that consists of provoking accelerated skin regeneration in a controlled manner through application of chemexfoliation agents. 

The peeling action causes the desquamation of the superficial layers of skin. This stimulate collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan production which enhances physiological and mechanical characteristics.

This will purify and oxygenate the skin leaving it moisturised, close open pores, improve skin texture and increases the thickness of the epidermis.
They also address the effects of skin ageing and soften wrinkles, unify skin tone, add luminosity and smooth cutaneous imperfections.
Not only this but they can lighten dark spots and reduce manifest of acne and improve appearance of scars.
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1-4 Weeks 

From £55

Very Low

1-6 Weeks

45-60 Minutes

24- 48 Hours

What Peels Do We Offer
Clinicare Pure treatment
(suitable for combination, oily, sensitive or acne prone skin) 

Clinicare Glow treatment
(suitable for hyperpigmentation, not suitable for those with nut allergies)

Clinicare Refresh treatment
(suitable for skin rejuvenation including ageing, sun damage, fine lines and skin laxity- only one suitable for skin types 5+6)

Peels are applied for 2-7 minutes before they are neutralised and removed from the skin. 
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Treatment Options
Classic- Double Cleanse, Chemical Peel, Sheet Mask, Moisturise, SPF  
Enhanced- Double Cleanse, Enzyme Peel, Chemical Peel, Sheet Mask, Ice Globe Massage, Moisturise, SPF  

Luxury- Double Cleanse, Enzyme Peel, Chemical Peel, Jelly/Sheet Mask, Head Massage, Ice Globe Massage, Moisturise, SPF